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If you have received a shut-off notice OR to schedule a New Install Testing, please do not use this form. Call us directly at 503-390-1961.

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Never worry about missing your backflow test again. Our program provides peace of mind that you will always be in compliance.

When you enroll in our Auto Test Program, we will test your backflow device each year automatically for a 3 year period and maintain your testing fee at the same rate for that term. At the end of that term, we will send you a renewal agreement form to be returned to us if you wish to continue in the program. You will receive a reminder card a month prior to when your test is due.

In the event testing is performed and we are not notified of a change in occupancy, you will be responsible for the testing fee.

Enroll me in the Auto Test Program. By checking this box and typing my legal name above I hereby agree to be enroll in the Auto Test Program for a period of three years.

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