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Why Winterize?

Winterizing your sprinkler/irrigation system can reduce the risk of costly repairs and headaches in the spring by removing water from your pipes. Doing so helps prevent freezing and breaking from the expansion of water as it becomes ice. The best time to schedule your winterization is when you are done watering for the season and prior to temperatures dropping.


Winterization cost is $95.00.

What happens after your request is sent?

Our office staff will contact you to schedule your winterization appointment. Your presence may be required for a 2 hour time window to complete this service. Scheduling of winterization service begins late October/early November (weather dependent) after lawn irrigation has stopped and is available through mid-December. Scheduling in areas outside of Salem/Keizer will be made when the number of customer requests warrants travel to those areas. Upon completion of winterizing your system, our service tech will leave a copy of your bill with you or on your door.

Winterization Schedule Nearly Full

Our winterization schedule is nearly full but there are a few appointments still available. Please phone our office at 503-390-1961 to check current availability.

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